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Quizcover innovates the very core of trivia gaming. Highly interactive question types and new boosters give you unprecedented tactical options. This game takes the genre to a whole new level.

Numerous contests, challenges and trophies provide opportunities for you to set and achieve your personal goals. You can play alone or compete with others in different ways and contexts.

Encyclopedic information and bookmarkable links appear after questions. Quizcover is furthermore capable of presenting multiple related facts in a single question. You get to expand your knowledge while having fun.

Question Types

  • PickOne

    the traditional trivia question type

  • PickSome

    multiple answers are correct

  • MatchTwo

    drag and drop objects to form correct pairs


  • Remove

    simplify things one item at a time

  • Reveal

    get one part of the solution at a time

  • Hint

    diverse kinds of help, such as coloring items

Gameplay Goals

  • fiber_manual_record reach higher levels
  • fiber_manual_record build record streaks
  • fiber_manual_record play duels with friends
  • fiber_manual_record numerous rankings
  • fiber_manual_record achievement medals
  • fiber_manual_record personal records

Initially, large parts of Quizcover's content are tailored to the interests of U.S. trivia gamers and of those who have a keen interest in everything American. Thus American English is the sole language of gameplay at the outset. Later on, many of Quizcover's questions will be translated to other languages, and content of particular interest to international audiences will be created. At that stage, the availability of topics and questions will vary from country to country. Quizcover starts on iOS, the platform that revolutionized mobile devices ten years ago. An Android version will be released in 2018.


Quizcover Wiki

For more information on Quizcover, check out the Quizcover Wiki. Note: Quizista does not control its content.

Quizcover Blog

The Quizcover Blog is where Quizcover's makers announce news and share their thoughts.

The Making of Quizcover

Quizcover's software and content have been, and continue to be, created by a multinational team. "More depth, not more complexity" always was, and remains, the guiding principle. The company behind Quizcover, Quizista, was founded by Florian Mueller. His FOSS Patents blog is the leading online reference on the "smartphone patent wars". Once the first overseas consultant to Blizzard Entertainment, Florian developed his first trivia game in 2001. Since then, he has harbored the ambition to make trivia gaming more fun and more informative. Quizcover is the very trivia quiz game he has wanted to build for 16 years.

Quizcover comes with a consumer-friendly mechanism named Booster Back: if a user doesn't score on a question despite using one or more boosters, any booster(s) used in vain are automatically refunded (the boosters, not the coins). Read more about this initiative by Quizista, and view a short video, on the Booster Back website.